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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower EV drivers.

To provide them with safe and easy to use charging infastructure.

To honour their effort of being at the frontier of climate change and privilege them for doing so.

Our Story

It all started as internal EV carsharing for employees of YLE Inżynierowie - civil engineering design office. We knew that we need hands on experience of using EV in order to design future streets for future cars. So we gave it a shot, acquired EV and built a AC charging in our office in 2020. 

We went through many adventures and reduced our carbon footprint alogn the way. It showed us how we can use our complex transportation system design skills to improve EV drivers  life. We founded Ampere Cocktail, company that researches charging infrastructure for easy and safe use.

Ampere Cocktail focuses on design and research of easy to use and safe charging infrastructure. We are currently in silent mode, developing our future products.


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